About Us

The Mississippi Economic Policy Center (MEPC) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that conducts independent researMississippi Economic Policy Center Staffch on public policy issues affecting working Mississippians. Through public outreach efforts, policy maker education and engaging the media, MEPC uses its analysis to ensure that the needs of low and moderate-income Mississippians, in particular, are considered in the development and implementation of public policy with the ultimate goal of improving access to economic opportunity.

MEPC is managed by the Hope Enterprise Corporation (HOPE), a regional financial institution and community development intermediary dedicated to strengthening communities, building assets and improving lives in economically distressed areas in the Mid South.

The MEPC began work in the fall of 2006 to respond to the need for research and information guiding the state’s recovery from Hurricane Katrina.  As the work developed, it became clear that a similar level of analysis could be used to build the body of research on systemic public policy issues that affect Mississippi’s working families. Specifically, MEPC conducts analysis in the following policy areas:

  • Fiscal Policy (Mississippi Budget and Taxes)
  • Income and Workforce Supports
  • Asset Development and Protection
  • Medicaid Expansion and Health Coverage

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