Announcing Hope Policy Institute

September 8th, 2015

We are excited to share some great news about upcoming changes at the Mississippi Economic Policy Center (MEPC).  This September, HOPE will be retiring the MEPC brand and succeeding it with the Hope Policy Institute.  The establishment of the Hope Policy Institute recognizes the historical and ongoing importance of policy to HOPE’s mission.  Through independent analysis grounded in HOPE’s experience, the organization influences public policies and the practices of private institutions to help ensure that all people prosper.  This translational policy framework drives the transformation of individuals and communities.

Like MEPC, the Hope Policy Institute will continue to be a reliable source of data-driven analysis that informs debate on issues such as financial inclusion, budget and tax, healthcare, education and economic security.  Importantly, through partnerships with allies throughout the Mid South and across the country, we will significantly increase our impact.

We look forward to your continued engagement as we launch the Hope Policy Institute.  Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates or tune in and listen to our podcast to learn more about our work.