Education, Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Package Good for Mississippi

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August 10, 2010
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Education, Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Package Good for Mississippi

Nearly $250 million available for health care, education

JACKSON – The recent state fiscal relief legislation passed by the U.S. Senate provides for nearly a quarter of a billion dollars for the state budget.  As Mississippi struggles to preserve critical levels of education, training and health care, the legislation represents an important boost for the state’s economy and its people in these difficult times.

The following money will be made available if the legislation passes the House of Representatives:

                             Enhanced FMAP Extension                   Education Jobs Fund                      Total

Mississippi                      $151,429,000                                       $98,147,000                          $249,576,000
                                                 Source: Federal Funds Information for the States

 “With teachers losing their jobs and class sizes increasing, pulling down these resources should be a top priority for the state” said Ed Sivak, Director of the Mississippi Economic Policy Center.  “The worst thing we could do now is leave this money on the table.”

While questions remain about how to pull the funds down without moving money from other state services, Mississippi should explore all options, such as the use of reserves and new money made available by the legislation, to pull down these important federal resources while implementing a balanced approach that will position the state for prosperity when good times return. 

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