Joint Legislative Budget Committee Released Budget Recommendation, Leaves $548 Million Unallocated

December 4th, 2013

The Joint Legislative Budget Committee released their budget recommendation for the FY 2015 budget year December 2.  Here are some key points from the budget.  Watch for a more thorough analysis of the budget later this week. 

  • The budget totals $5.862 billion in state support funds, an increase of only $36.3 million over last year’s budget. 
  • The budget provides level funding for MAEP from FY 2014, however this amount underfunds MAEP’s estimated statutory requirements by $284 million. 
  • The budget also provides level funding for student financial aid and vocational education.
  • It provides small increases to universities and community colleges
  • The budget leaves $548 million unallocated for reserves.
  • Budget reductions for some agencies are recommended with the elimination of funding for vacant positions, deferred equipment purchases, and reductions in contractual services and travel. 

This recommendation provides a starting point for the budget debates during the legislative session.  As our state revenues improve, a portion of the $548 in unallocated state funds should be used to restore funding for state services like education, which has been underfunded since 2008.  These state services represent more than budget numbers on a spreadsheet, these services like K-12 education, higher education, public safety and health care mean improvements in our quality of life and economic productivity in Mississippi. 

-Sara Miller, senior policy analyst

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