MEPC 2016 Budget Toolkit

January 9th, 2015

The 2015 Legislature will create the 2016 budget over the next few months. Throughout the fall of 2014, policymakers gave us a glimpse of what their budget plans are for 2016.

The Joint Legislative Budget Committee Recommendation will become the starting point for debate on appropriations bills in the legislature.

 MEPC’s analysis on the JLBC budget

Legislative Budget Committee Recommends Sweeping Budget Cuts Despite Revenue Growth and Full Reserves

2016 Budget Recommendations Shortchange Schools and Medicaid

Original Budget Document

Link to the Legislative Budget Office copy of the JLBC Budget Recommendation

The Governor’s Budget Recommendation is released before the JLBC Budget. It gives us a look at some of the Governor’s legislative goals for the upcoming session.

MEPC’s analysis on the Governor’s Budget

Budget Brief: Governor Bryant’s budget recommendation for 2016: Total Funding Sources and Total Expenditures

Governor Proposes Tax Credit for Mississippi Working Families

Original Budget Document

Link to the Governor’s Office copy of the Executive Budget Recommendation

Throughout the session, the budget will be created through the passage of a series of Appropriations Bills. They can be monitored by looking at the Mississippi State Legislature’s website measures by committee         

Measures for House Appropriations Committee

Measures for Senate Appropriations Committee

See the timeline of legislative deadlines for a look at when appropriations bills will be decided.

Appropriations must fall within the state’s Revenue Estimate for 2016.   It was released in advance of the Governor’s Budget Recommendation.

Original Budget Document

See page 4 of this document for the FY 2016 Revenue Estimate

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For a more comprehensive look at our state’s budget process visit our budget primer: The Nuts and Bolts of The Mississippi Budget: A Taxpayer’s Guide to the Mississippi Budget